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Personal Shopping


    Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into a cosmetics store or pass by a makeup counter? Do you have a limited budget but still want to find great products that work for you and will last through the day? Or maybe you are completely new to the beauty industry and just don't know where to start!


    Well I can help you with that! You can take a professional right along with you, to help you find products that work for YOU, not just what's hottest on the market! And best of all there is no pressure from commission; my goal is to help you stay on budget and leave the store with products that make you look and feel your best while working for your lifestyle. Sessions are an hour long and at the location of your choosing, multi-facility shopping is also available for a small fee. So lets get shopping!


1 Hour Session: $35

     - Includes shade-matching, skin-type analysis, and customized advice for     choosing products that fit your lifestyle. 

House Calls


    Want to learn the best tips and tricks for your makeup routine to optimize your natural beauty? Or perhaps you have all the right products but can't figure out why they don't end up looking the same on you as they do in online tutorials! Maybe you even have a working makeup routine but just want to step it up a bit for special occasions or upcoming events.


    Look no further! I will come to you in the comfort of your own home to help you make the best of your features as well as your products! Together we can establish a customized makeup routine that works for your skin-type, coloring, and lifestyle; all while in your own element with your own products! Not to worry though, you will also get to sample products from my own professional kit, so if you don't have much, don't worry! 


1 Hour and 30 Min. Session: $45

    - Includes personalized lessons in application, color-matching, and technique for your face and lifestyle, with options to try samples of products and learn tips and tricks to optimize your best features.

Bonnie Lass Parties


     Want to have a fun night with your girls and come away with beauty insider tricks and tips? Book yourself a party! Using a model, I demonstrate the do's and dont's of application and technique; and then you all get to try them on yourselves with products you already have in your arsenal! This is a great opportunity for teens as well, whether they want to learn how to keep up with the latest trends or they are just wanting to enhance their natural beauty; parties are for everyone!

    Each party is Two Hours, the first 45 min are a Demo of "Do's and Dont's", after which is a small intermission for food and drinks, and finished up with an hour of time for you and your guests to try all the skills you just learned! During this time I am available for open questions as well as one-on-one, hands on assistance.  Each guest is asked to bring their own makeup to use; tables, chairs, and mirrors will be provided. Hostesses will get to act as the Model and get a discounted rate as well! So book your party today and lets make that natural beauty shine!


2 Hour Party: $25 per person

    -Min.3, Max.8 guests ( Larger parties available upon discussion)